• Why This Neuroscientist Is Asking The FDA To Stop Attacking Kratom

    Dr. Michele Ross FDA Kratom Letter

    Plant medicine has been under attack in the United States for many reasons, including the fact that these substances can compete with pharmaceutical products for wellness or even alcohol for recreation. It’s the reason why CBD, cannabis, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and even kratom has been attacked. In 2016 the FDA pushed to place kratom and its […]


  • Overcoming Mental Health Stigma: 6 Steps to Consider

    woman ashamed of mental health diagnosis

    At some point, almost everyone living with mental illness has received blame for their condition. You’ve seen them being called names and their symptoms referred to as something they could control “if only they tried.” This is the unwieldy power stigma holds in society today. Stigma can cause you to feel ashamed of something that’s […]


  • How To Make Hemp Chocolates With CBD

    cbd infused chocolates weed leaf

    Have you ever tried hemp chocolate or also known as CBD chocolate? If you haven’t then maybe it’s time for you to discover the sweetest CBD you can ever have. You can buy it from hemp stores like GETHempd or you can make your own at home.  CBD oil is one of the most popular […]


  • 5 Easy Ways to Look Good and Feel Even Better

    women at spa feeling good

    You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to pamper yourself. There are things you can do right now that will have a lasting impact. If you want to make a big change, consider coolsculpting Virginia Beach to slim down your waistline. This is just one of many ways to get to looking your […]


  • Benefits of Yoga Therapy For Drug Rehabilitation

    woman and man doing yoga at drug rehab

    When someone is being treated for drug addiction, there are a number of treatments that will be used to help in their recovery. Experts at centers such as http://oceansrecovery.com will say that the goal of every kind of drug treatment is to return the individual to a functioning life. One activity that is being more widely used in […]


  • What Are The State Cannabis Laws In Pennsylvania?

    medical cannabis from marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania on American Flag

    Cannabis products continue to flood the US market because of increasing consumer demands with more and more people becoming aware of the potential medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Most states have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes including Pennsylvania. However, it is yet to receive authorization at the federal level. […]


  • 6 Ways To Care for Yourself as a Woman

    women doing yoga as self-care

    If you’re a woman, you have the unique capacity to give to others. It’s crucial to know that caring for yourself first is a non-negotiable step. Without it, the things you do for others will eventually drain you. Instead, fill your well. Focus on a few key areas of self-care so that you’ll be able […]


  • 7 Most Popular Vape Flavors To Smoke

    woman vaping watermelon vape flavor

    Vaping is the process of inhaling vapors generated through atomizers and other vape gear. It is an alternative to the traditional means of smoking and provides the perfect blend of taste. Also, you can choose the flavors based on the diverse range of e-liquids available. Vapers wish to gratify their taste buds through unique flavors […]


  • How To Add Cannabis To Your Daily Routine

    daily cannabis vitamin weed

    Cannabis use is reaching levels that are practically unheard of. And with many more states hopping on the legalization trend, it’s easier and more socially acceptable to partake than ever before. But many people are still stuck on what exactly to do while high. Getting high doesn’t have to be as simple as smoking and […]


  • 5 Nutrients You Need To Grow Cannabis Plants

    magnesium nutrients in fertilizer for cannabis growing

    Cannabis, also popularly known as marijuana or weed, is one of the most resilient plants. That explains why a plant that was once indigenous to Asia can now thrive in virtually any region worldwide. What does this mean for aspiring marijuana growers? Theoretically, minimal care translates to bumpy harvests. Unlike many other herbs, you don’t […]