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I help patients heal physical and emotional pain with cannabis, mushrooms, and mindset work.

As a neuroscientist with fibromyalgia, I understand how frustrating it is when you’ve tried all the prescription medications and you’re still in awful pain, depressed, and at your wits end. I got myself off 10 prescription medications and out of a wheelchair by using plant medicine, and I can share the decade of experience I have healing myself and 1000s of patients just like you.

Personalized Cannabis Consultation

Dr. Ross provides online cannabis consultations through Veriheal. This does not include a medical marijuana card, and if you need one, please choose the next option on this page.

INITIAL VISIT starts at $49

Who it’s for:
For patients new to cannabis or those who have issues with finding the right strain or dosing tinctures. Patients do not need an MMJ card.

What’s included:
A 10, 20, or 30 minute online HIPAA-compliant video call where Dr. Ross answers your questions about cannabis and CBD, reviews your medical and cannabis history, identifies potential cannabis drug interactions, and provides product and dosing recommendations.

Medical Marijuana Card

Dr. Ross does not provide medical marijuana recommendations or cards, but her partners at Veriheal do. They offer easy online consults in most states.

INITIAL VISIT starts at $150

Who it’s for:
Patients in the United States who want to access their legal medical marijuana market and need a new MMJ card or a renewal.

What’s included:
A short HIPAA-compliant video call with a doctor licensed in your state that will review your medical records, qualify and certify you for your state”s medical marjiuana program.

Fibromyalgia Consultation

Dr. Ross has fibromyalgia and is the owner of cannabisforfibromyalgia.com. Her speciality is helping patients with fibromyalgia get the quality of life they had before their diagnosis.


Who it’s for:
For patients who have been previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia and are looking to manage pain and other symptoms with cannabis and other natural methods and potentially reduce dependence on prescription medications.

What’s included:
An extended, comprehensive, and holistic evaluation of your mental, physical and emotional health. A 1 hr & 15 minute zoom video call focusing on symptom review, treatment history, cannabis experience, and natural treatment options for fibromyalgia including CBD, cannabis, and mushrooms. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • “Dr. Ross is so knowledgeable about the hottest topic right, CBD, and her passion for using it to heal people is amazing. Her energy, humor, and relatability are refreshing and inviting. The type of wisdom and warmth that you’d want if your health journey should include CBD.”

    – Ashley Rogers, NP
  • “Dr. Ross will open your mind to so many new ideas about holistic health. WHY are we not taking care of ourselves as our instincts direct us? Well, the law has not been on the side of cannabis users for most of history. Now, things are changing and it’s up to us to reclaim our health.”

    – Veronica


Business Consulting

I help brands in the cannabis, wellness, and tech spaces grow as an advisory board member or strategic partner.

Vitamin Weed

My book outlines what endocannabinoid deficiency is, how you could be at risk, and why cannabis and CBD improve health.

Speaking Engagements

I speak at conferences and private events on topics including psychedelic medicine, chronic pain, and women’s health.