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Fibromyalgia Recovery is Possible! Are you ready to try something different?

cannabis coach dr. michele ross

Limited spots available, by application only.

Are You Living in Fibromyalgia Hell?

The BRACE Method is a 6-month intensive coaching experience for womxn like you who are ready for a radical transformation from living in fibro hell to surviving fibro

Are You Ready To Heal?


  • live everyday with unbearable pain and none of your medications are helping?
  • wake up each morning from a sleepless night as a zombie?
  • are a failure because you don’t have the energy to make any meals or clean the house?
  • have wasted years on Google trying to find answers and relief?
  • have shifted your priorities away from your health? (especially if you’re a mom and your kiddos are home from school due to the COVID pandemic)
  • often grieve for the life you used to have before your diagnosis?
  •  have doctors that don’t care about you?
  • But now, more than ever, is the time you need emotional support, a way to blow off stress, and the freedom to explore options outside of mainstream medicine.


  • actually enjoy your life, because pain and lack of energy aren’t holding you back?
  • feel healthy, fulfilled, and self-confident no matter what your fibromyalgia symptoms are for the day?
  • go outside your comfort zone and rewire your brain to stop the pain?
  • to teach your body to heal itself and reduce your dependence on prescriptions?
  • finally put yourself first, no matter what others are going to say to you?

Your life before
The BRACE Method:

Your life after

What is the Brace Method?

Dr. Michele Ross created The BRACE Method to help fibromyalgia patients stop putting bandaids on their disease and start healing the root problems.

She doesn’t just study fibromyalgia, she’s recovered from it herself.

Dr. Ross is celebrated around the world for her work as a health coach, cannabis expert, author, and neuroscientist.

Here's What You'll Learn


Tapering medications




How To Repair Your Muscles




How It Works


We will kick off our time together with a 90 minute intensive VIP session to create a custom plan for your fibromyalgia recovery.

12 x Group sessions

Over the course of 6 months, we’ll have biweekly coaching sessions to help you through challenges and keep you on track.


You’ll have access to courses and a community on Mighty Networks where you can ask questions and get support in between sessions.

“Dr. Ross is so knowledgeable about the hottest topic right, CBD, and her passion for using it to heal people is amazing. Her energy, humor, and relatability are refreshing and inviting. The type of wisdom and warmth that you’d want if your health journey should include CBD.”

Ashley Rogers, NP

“Cannabinoid medicine gives many patients better quality of life! Dr. Michelle Ross is an extremely knowledgable neuroscientist with an extensive knowledge of the endocannabinoid system. Every healthcare professional should read this and educate themselves for their patients. Stop the stigma, CBD and Cannabis is medicine! “

DEB, Health Coach


“Can’t argue with the science from this neuroscientist who battles and overcomes her own medical conditions with marijuana, specifically Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and Full Extract Cannabis. Her insights are enlightening to say the least, and I recommend reading Vitamin Weed no matter what your current level of understanding is on cannabis.”


I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Ross and reading her book: Vitamin Weed. I am so grateful for the knowledge received on my body and the many benefits of cannabis.

CARLI JO, Higher Intimacy

“An excellent resource for all who desire to understand the human endocannabinoid system and how it influences human health, and how we can influence it. I highly recommend it and consider it to be a valuable addition to anyone’s library. I also find Dr. Ross’s journey to wellness and self-discovery to be quite inspiring.”


Here’s What Happens When You Buy


Pay once and have access to all program materials for 6 months + 1 month to catch up if you are behind! This program will go up in price, so buy now.

Receive New account emails & BOOK YOUR KICKOFF SESSION

You’ll receive an email inviting you to our program platforms and book you initial 90 minute session with Dr. Ross before the program starts.

Get access to the program starting January 2021

You can access all program materials starting 9am PST Sunday, January 10th, 2020 in your Teachable portal as well as our Mighty Networks community.

Hi, I'm Dr. Michele Ross

I’m a neuroscientist with fibromyalgia who has helped 1000s of patients just like you to get off prescriptions & live their best life ever.

Several years ago I used a cane and even a walker to move around. I had no energy, had permanent brain fog, and barely could sit up to work on my laptop at home for an hour or two before having to take a nap. I was prescribed Lyrica, morphine, and a laundry list of other prescriptions to manage severe pain, spasms, and depression. And I wanted to die.

I got off all my prescriptions using cannabis, and today, I’m healthy enough that I work full time and travel all over the world teaching doctors and patients about cannabis medicine. 

Fibromyalgia isn’t stopping me from living my best life anymore. Now it’s your turn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is especially for you! There’s no confusion about what your next steps are. No wasting time or money doing the wrong things. We focus on results, not just creating tons of busy work you don’t have time work through.

You get feedback directly from me, my team, and the other women in the VIP coaching program, accelerating your results and taking you to Stage 5 of Fibromyalgia Recovery in 6 months. 

The program is completed in 6 months, although patients who want to go slower with implementing lifestyle changes or who have other health issues they need help with can renew the program for an additional 6 months.

We can certainly craft a version of this program that includes an in-person meet up and coaching session if you are local to Las Vegas, NV or visiting on a casino or business trip (Hello Sin City!). Let me know your needs on the call and we can plan a fun and transformational wellness-and-work experience.

You can book a free 30 minute Brace Method strategy session here. Once you have made the first payment, we will schedule your VIP Day and the coaching sessions.

While I am here to help you and cheer you on, the results depend on your efforts. The actual transformations usually happen between our sessions. It’s all about implementing the things you learn. Big shifts can happen quicker than you think. Sometime it’s as simple as cutting out one thing or adding one simple exercise to your daily ritual.

Investing in your health is the best way to spend your money. Once you put money down for yourself, you’re sending a signal to the universe that you’re serious about improving your life and your health, and you’ll naturally do your best to get the best results. No more excuses. 

Have more questions? Email me here.