• Easy Recipe For The Best Fish Tacos

    delicious fish tacos to make at home

    Fish tacos are my favorite kind of tacos, and I have an easy recipe to make them cheap at home. My personal choices for fish are halibut, tilapia, mahi mahi, snapper, cod, bass and catfish, as they are inexpensive and mild flavored. You can grill, steam, or mix them with a flavorful batter to fry. […]


  • 7 Benefits of Using Hemp Seeds for Protein

    Protein is the building unit in our body and performs many essential functions. Even though of so much importance, our bodies can’t store protein, thus we require a regular intake of protein through our diet. To fulfill the protein requirement of our bodies, we have to take protein-rich food each day, or our bodies will […]


  • How To Go Vegan For A Week

    tomato, cauliflower, cucumber, cabbage, and other vegetables on a pink background

    I recently watched The Game Changers documentary on Netflix and it presented a pretty compelling case for athletes to switch to a vegan diet. The vegan diet reduced inflammation, improved performance, increased blood flow, and even improved sexual function in the men tested (hey bigger boners!). But what if you’re not an athlete? Are the benefits of […]


  • 7 Benefits of Adding Hemp Seeds To Your Daily Diet

    hemps seeds and hemp oil containing CBD

    Proper nutrition is a major thing that every person needs to take seriously. Not everything available for eating makes a healthy diet. However, there are many foods that you can add to your diet.   Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious foods that you can find. They have most of the nutrients that your body needs for […]