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“Cannabinoid medicine gives many patients better quality of life! Dr. Michelle Ross is an extremely knowledgable neuroscientist with an extensive knowledge of the endocannabinoid system. Every healthcare professional should read this and educate themselves for their patients. Stop the stigma, CBD and Cannabis is medicine! “

DEB, Health Coach

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Ross and reading her book: Vitamin Weed. I am so grateful for the knowledge received on my body and the many benefits of cannabis.

CARLI JO, Higher Intimacy


“Can’t argue with the science from this neuroscientist who battles and overcomes her own medical conditions with marijuana, specifically Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and Full Extract Cannabis. Her insights are enlightening to say the least, and I recommend reading Vitamin Weed no matter what your current level of understanding is on cannabis.”


“One of the best cannabis books I’ve ever read.”

Dee Dessault, Ganja Yoga

“An excellent resource for all who desire to understand the human endocannabinoid system and how it influences human health, and how we can influence it. I highly recommend it and consider it to be a valuable addition to anyone’s library. I also find Dr. Ross’s journey to wellness and self-discovery to be quite inspiring.”


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