• How Cannabis And Kratom Aid Addiction Recovery

    herbal supplements kratom and medical marijuana help recovering addicts

    Quitting drugs is a lengthy and demanding journey. Very few can make it through the full transition without relapsing and falling back. While several patients fail due to their weak willpower, others fail to contain their urge due to medical-assisted therapies’ ineffectiveness. The most common drug withdrawal medications, including suboxone and methadone, are highly addictive […]


  • CBD Oil for Energy: Does It Help?

    woman working out because she has energy from cbd

    People who have a very active lifestyle and love maintaining a great work-personal life balance may find themselves tired at the end of the day as they meet the rigorous work requirements at the office and the demands by their family on their time. At the work front, right from commuting to the office, meeting […]


  • Natural Remedies For Managing ADHD

    boy with adhd swinging from rope to manage adhd

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD affects nearly 9.4% of children and 4% of adults in the US. The rising cases point to the state of mental health prevailing throughout the country. So, there is an urgent need to address this issue. Natural remedies show promising potential to manage the symptoms […]


  • The Ultimate Guide To CBD Hemp Flower

    women in pink shirt in hemp field holding cbd flower

    Not all CBD lovers enjoy using cannabis flower to get their daily dose of CBD. These flowers are often too potent and can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. Also known as CBD buds, hemp buds, and CBD flowers, this raw version of CBD products has high concentrations of flavonoids, cannabidiol, and terpenes. This […]


  • Don’t Fall For Cannabis Misinformation

    most marijuana articles on the internet are wrong

    That facebook post, instagram meme, or youtube video on CBD might not be as accurate as you think it is. Cannabis misinformation is rampant. Cannabis is a fixture on your television, making the evening news daily and recent reality docuseries include High Profits on CNN, Pot Barons of Colorado on MSNBC, and Medicine Man on […]


  • Why You Should Consider Terpenes When Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain

    A discussion about choosing cannabis strains never feels complete unless we talk about terpene benefits. Like the cannabinoids that play a crucial role in determining the characteristics of different strains, terpenes also have a notable contribution to these properties. Since the legalization of cannabis across many states, the plant is becoming the focus of several […]


  • Bookshlf: A New App For Curating and Sharing Media

    I found a new social network that doesn’t suck. It’s called Bookshlf, and it’s like your actual Bookshelf, but for digital content. You can easily save and organize any type of media, from podcasts to books to videos to articles, onto your Shelves. Bookshlf is available as a free app online or for download in […]


  • The Truth About CBD Oil for Dogs

    happy dog sitting outside after treatment with cbd oil

    CBD oil has become all the rage in the last decade and with good reason too. There are so many upsides to using CBD. On top of that, humans use it as medicine for many conditions. Being that CBD oils come from organic sources, it’s only natural to wonder if dogs and other pets can […]


  • CBD 101 With The Mighty

    Dr. Michele Ross Answers All Your Questions About CBD Oil

    I joined The Mighty, one of the largest communities of patients with chronic illness, for a video chat with members on everything CBD for National CBD Day. I covered misconceptions around CBD, where you can buy it, how the medical community uses CBD, and more! Check out my column Chronically Cannabis on The Mighty for […]