• 6 Ways To Sober Up If You Get Too High

    Fear of getting too high and not being able to sober up is a fear of many parents, and new weed smokers taking their first tokes every day. This is a rite of passage that every lifelong smoker will remember forever. However, there is another rite of passage that is somewhat less pleasant. Every weed […]


  • Why I Decided To Launch Fibro University Now

    dr. michele noonan ross fibromyalgia education

    When I started 2020, I had a different path. While I was a cannabis expert with fibromyalgia, I didn’t want to be known for my disease. To just be labeled as the fibro lady and stuck in that box… But when COVID hit the United States, and the country was in shutdown, I saw more […]


  • Fibro University Is Open For Enrollment!

    join fibro university with fibromyalgia scientist dr. Michele Ross

    FACT: Insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. If you’ve been taking all the pills your doctor prescribed you and you’re still not feeling better (or worse, have descended further into the fiery pits of hell that is fibromyalgia pain – yikes), it’s not working for you. It’s time for a […]


  • 5 Best Ways To Treat Muscular Pain With CBD Oil

    woman runner rubbing cbd cream on sore muscle

    The pain and agony caused by tight muscles is something that most of us experience at some point. If you are lucky, the debilitating effect of muscular pain will be temporary and short-lived. For a vast number of people who suffer from diseases that cause acute pain, the nightmare of not even being able to […]


  • 6 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Vape

    hemp oil vape pen next to cbd cannabis plant

    CBD oil brings an abundance of health benefits, including when it’s used in a CBD vape pen. As a potent herbal remedy packed with active ingredients that can affect your body and mind, CBD can be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, infections, and even conditions such as epilepsy or rheumatoid arthritis. CBD Oil […]


  • Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Insomnia

    marijuana flower, weed grinder, and rolled cannabis joints on table to help with insomnia

    Sleep is the best way to renew our body after a long day. Studies say that one in four Americans find it tough to get sleep. The day next to sleepless nights can be heavy and frustrating. Fatigue, inability to focus, unexplained irritation, and tired and redness in eyes are the common side effects of […]


  • 6 Coolest Vaping Accessories Every Vape Kit Must Have

    awesome cannabis vaporizer accessories

    Everyone wants to own the coolest vaping accessories. They make your vaping experience can be even more fun. Not only that, but you will also get reactions from people around you. Everyone wants to see some exciting accessories or gadgets. Lots of Vaping Accessories to Choose From Luckily, there are hundreds of different vaping accessories […]