• Why This Neuroscientist Is Asking The FDA To Stop Attacking Kratom

    Dr. Michele Ross FDA Kratom Letter

    Plant medicine has been under attack in the United States for many reasons, including the fact that these substances can compete with pharmaceutical products for wellness or even alcohol for recreation. It’s the reason why CBD, cannabis, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and even kratom has been attacked. In 2016 the FDA pushed to place kratom and its […]


  • 3 Reasons Why Inequality In The Cannabis Industry Still Exists

    Examples of inequality exist throughout history and across industries, and weed is no exception. As governments around the United States increasingly loosen cannabis restrictions, the inequalities of the country’s criminal justice system are now finding their way into the economic success of a new industry. In addition, other types of inequality are also creeping in. […]


  • From Big Brother To Cannabis – Let Me Reintroduce Myself

    dr michele noonan ross went from drug addiction neuroscientist to big brother star

    You might have landed on because you’re a healer. And not because you’re expecting me to bust out a rendition of Gwen Stefani’s latest single. Maybe you were called to be a nurse, yoga teacher, or other type of wellness professional. Or maybe life made the decision for you, when you got diagnosed with […]


  • Black Friday 2020 Deals On Cannabis Books and Courses

    black friday sale cannabis and motherhood course

    We’re holding Black Friday 2020 sales on online courses, books, and even group coaching programs run by renowned cannabis expert Dr. Michele Ross. You will not see these exclusive discounts ever again after Cyber Monday 2020 is over, so don’t delay! The Black Friday Sales Personalized Cannabis Consultation Need help with understanding what cannabis strains […]


  • Happy Halloweed!

    Happy Halloween Cannabis lovers!

    Happy Halloweed! That’s Happy Halloween for cannabis lovers. It’s all treats and no tricks at Here’s a couple of limited time Halloween coupons that expire on November 1st, 2020. Save on Dr. Michele Ross’s Cannabis Courses & Consultations: Cannabis Consultation with Dr. Ross – save $50 off (now $100) Cannabis and Motherhood Certification Course […]


  • Bookshlf: A New App For Curating and Sharing Media

    I found a new social network that doesn’t suck. It’s called Bookshlf, and it’s like your actual Bookshelf, but for digital content. You can easily save and organize any type of media, from podcasts to books to videos to articles, onto your Shelves. Bookshlf is available as a free app online or for download in […]


  • Why I Decided To Launch Fibro University Now

    dr. michele noonan ross fibromyalgia education

    When I started 2020, I had a different path. While I was a cannabis expert with fibromyalgia, I didn’t want to be known for my disease. To just be labeled as the fibro lady and stuck in that box… But when COVID hit the United States, and the country was in shutdown, I saw more […]


  • Fibro University Is Open For Enrollment!

    join fibro university with fibromyalgia scientist dr. Michele Ross

    FACT: Insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. If you’ve been taking all the pills your doctor prescribed you and you’re still not feeling better (or worse, have descended further into the fiery pits of hell that is fibromyalgia pain – yikes), it’s not working for you. It’s time for a […]