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Dr. Ross recommends these kratom brands

It’s important to choose the best kratom brands in order to get safe, lab-tested kratom. Whether you’re looking for energy, stress relief, or to rest after a long day, there are many quality kratom products to choose from. Below are our picks for best kratom teas, kratom powders, and kratom capsules.



"Kratom gave me the relief I needed without the loss of focus or drowsiness that came with using cannabis"

I write science books and educate doctors, nurses, and patients about the health benefits of CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. I need to be alert, process complex data, and think on my feet. 

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How to mask the bitter taste of kratom powder

  1. Use AURA tea naturally flavored with organic raspberry and dark chocolate.
  2. Use kratom capsules. With virtually no aftertaste, the only downside is that capsules cost more than powder, and it can be difficult to swallow the amount needed.
  3. Wash down kratom powder with a glass of water fast, shotgunning style.
  4. Mix kratom in food, like coffee, applesauce, or even green tea ice cream.
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Why we love AURA Therapeutics kratom teas

  1. It’s important to not build a tolerance to kratom. AURA tea uses a proprietary blend of raw cacao, MCT oil, raspberry, and other natural ingredients to make it easier for your body to use the kratom at smaller doses. 
  2. Looking for a specific feeling or have a higher tolerance? You can either use double the serving of AURA tea, or you can add other AURA kratom powders to the AURA tea. You can customize your wellness tea.
  3. AURA Therapeutics kratom teas are infused with reiki for extra healing.
  4. 10% off your order with code DRMICHELEROSS.

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