CBD Oil and Adaptogens: The Perfect Pair

The foggy CBD claims provide more room for speculation and legal convictions that people will never be able to live up to. Not only are these claims questionable, but it puts the CBD industry under the eyes of relentless scrutiny.  As a result, the CBD trend risks an invitation for pessimistic criticism. Perhaps why, several companies manufacture products alongside adaptogens, which are famous for counteracting the effects of stress.

To be honest, in isolation, CBD has quite a reputation for its therapeutic benefits. The only exception, in this case, is CBD with adaptogens. This new power couple has the ability to boost wellness and change your perspective regarding health. Both adaptogens and CBD somehow fall into the wellness bracket and invokes a mystery among users who want to give it a try. 

It’s easier to see how cannabidiol sparks an appeal among masses, especially exhausted people who seek a natural alternative. As with so many wellness options out there in the market, CBD manages to live up to everyone’s expectations. How? Let’s discover the mysterious nature of CBD in this blog post, and explore this trend. 

Adaptogens With CBD: Is It Worth the Hype?

While it is probably true that CBD is a new buzz word in the wellness industry, people on the other hand, have jumped on the bandwagon without diving deep into the herbal nuances of CBD. I think it’s simply because adaptogens have a great impression when it comes to health and wellness. They are like superhero pills with magical abilities to strengthen our immune system. The healing claims are a little more than reflections of how we treat our body. It has managed to enter the lifestyle and wellness routine of every gym bag and kitchen counter.

To state facts, regarding the CBD + adaptogens hype, here is a statistical intervention. According to a report, youngsters aged 18-29 are most likely to use CBD products, in comparison to the adults over 65. The survey further goes on to report that 14%  of these users use CBD to treat a host of medical conditions. Clearly the CBD hype will prevail as more and more people hop onto the CBD wellness trend. 

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CBD – The Wellness Quotient

Not only this, but other studies show CBD’s effectiveness in alleviating the symptoms of mental health conditions through enhancement of anandamide – a protein-coupled receptor that creates a feeling of bliss and joy. This, in turn, can be quite helpful for patients who suffer from mental health ailments such as anxiety. Rest assured, experts also believe that CBD can be used as an alternative treatment to addiction recovery. Mainly because it regulates the production of serotonin.  

CBD proliferated in 2018, after former President Donald Trump signed the Hemp Farm Bill. Since then, several reports have emerged regarding its therapeutic efficiency. Some reports suggest that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate a series of functions. While others show that CBD can help fight stress and its side effects

However, it is vital for patients to note that these studies are a part of either lab experiments on rodents or require in depth analysis to drive to a concrete conclusion. So, it’s best advised that you first get medical advice before using CBD adaptogens for mental conditions.        

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Pairing Adaptogens With CBD     

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how the power couple works, here’s an overview view of the health benefits of adaptogens. 

To begin with, they have been shown to alleviate the symptoms of  cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders. Adapatogens also have the ability to boost mental wellbeing without having any major side effects. It is also believed that they can help patients bounce back quickly from flu, cold, or cough. More importantly, these herbal medicines can help patients with their overall welfare.       

So, it’s quite clear from the evidence stated above that CBD and adaptogens have a significant relationship. The combination of both these herbs and their individual abilities to interact with the endocannabinoid system makes them a power couple. Most importantly, they will enhance each other’s therapeutic abilities (anti-stress, immune-related, or anxiety-relieving) to a great extent. 

Final Thoughts

Promising as these facts, studies, and benefits may sound, there’s definitely a reason for you to be a little skeptical. In particular, when the question is related to your health. Some experts and mainstream doctors suggest that the CBD industry lacks concrete evidence. The same fact applies to pairing CBD with adaptogens.   

Therefore, in order to ensure complete safety, you have to consult an experienced doctor or cannabis coach. This way you will be able to experience how your body reacts to the effects of CBD mixed with adaptogens.