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Dr. Ross recommends these CBN products

It’s important to choose the best CBN products in order to get safe, lab-tested CBN. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, relief, or to rest after a long day, there are many quality CBN oil products to choose from. Below are our picks for best CBN gummies, CBN tincture, CBN weed, CBN isolate, and CBN capsules.

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Why do people take CBN oil?

Many people report taking CBN for sleep and some people report analgesia, but clinical research is needed to support its benefits.

How do you use CBN isolate?

You can add it to your drink or food, put it into capsules, or mix it into lotions to make CBN topicals.


"On the days where counting sheep just doesn't work, I reach for CBN, whether I pop a CBN gummy or add some CBN oil to my chamomile tea."

I write science books and educate doctors, nurses, and patients about the health benefits of CBD, cannabis, kratom, and mushrooms. It’s hard to turn my brain off at night sometimes. I’m the classic wired and tired. CBN helps. 

CBN is not the same as CBD or THC

What is CBN oil?

  1. CBN is a minor cannabinoid naturally made in the hemp and cannabis plants.
  2. CBN content increases with the age of cannabis flower, as THC has been exposed to air and heat to slowly turn into CBN.
  3. If CBN is extracted from hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC, CBN oil can be sold online or wherever CBD is sold.
  4. If CBN is extracted from cannabis plants containing more than 0.3% THC, CBN products must be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries or adult use dispensaries.
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Why do people smoke hemp flower with CBN in it?

  1. Some people prefer to smoke or vape rather than eat CBN gummies or drop CBD oil under their tongue.
  2. Anecdotal reports suggest some people find additional relaxation and relief over smoking hemp flower containing just CBD.
  3. Inhaling and exhaling smoke can help relax and ease tension.
  4. Note that high CBN hemp flower does not exist, as it would contain too much THC to be legally sold outside of medical marijuana dispensaries.


Make sure to buy from reputable companies, as CBD & CBN vapes and hemp flower are not required to rigorously test for safety and potency like brands that are available in legal marijuana dispensaries.

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CBN Oil For Sale

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