blood clots

  • 7 Benefits of Using Hemp Seeds for Protein

    Protein is the building unit in our body and performs many essential functions. Even though of so much importance, our bodies can’t store protein, thus we require a regular intake of protein through our diet. To fulfill the protein requirement of our bodies, we have to take protein-rich food each day, or our bodies will […]


  • Blood Clot Survivor – My Journey Back To Health

    Dr. Michele Ross Survived Blood Clots in Her Lungs and Legs

    Celebrating 6 years of being a blood clot survivor! The day after Christmas, 2014, I woke up feeling unable to breathe and having severe chest pain, despite being an otherwise healthy 32 year old woman. I thought I was having a heart attack. Turns out I was half right. Shout out to all my friends […]