10 Gifts For Star Wars Fans Who Smoke Weed

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Surprise your Star Wars fan who smokes weed with a gift that’s out of this universe. Stoner Star Wars presents are perfect for the Star Wars fan who has plenty of regular Star Wars clothing or Star Wars collectibles, but little cannabis clothing or cannabis gear.

Star Wars is very popular, but as a scientist of course I had to put a little survey out:

As a cannabis smoking Star Wars fan myself, here are some of the gifts I would love to see under my Christmas tree or as a birthday gift!

1. Star Wars Weed Chocolate Molds

Eating Darth Vader weed gummies beats eating standard gummy bears or the worst, those boring THC squares or triangles from highly regulated states where they are afraid cannabis edibles in fun shapes will make kids eat marijuana. With 8 different types of Star Wars molds to pick from, you could give these as a set, or split them up and give them to 8 friends. If you have a friend who doesn’t eat edibles, they can always be used to make regular chocolates or ice cubes.

Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube Molds

These molds can also be used to make cannabis gummies, chocolates, and other weed edibles. The set includes the following Star Wars icons: Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Death Star.

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2. A Machine To Make Weed Chocolates in Star Wars Shapes

Unless you’re Martha Stewart or a whiz in the kitchen, making cannabis edibles can be confusing! One of the most important parts is make cannabis butter, or “cannabutter” to infuse into chocolates, cookies, brownies, and other edibles.

The Magical Butter Machine makes it so easy to make cannabis chocolates and other yummy edibles infused with THC. I use mine all the time. The Magical Butter Machine plus the Star Wars Chocolate Molds above would be an AMAZING gift set to give your significant other if they are a weed loving Star Wars fan.

3. Star Wars Pipes and Grinders

If you’ve ever wanted to give or get a Star Wars weed pipe in the shape of a a Stormtrooper, this is for you.

Star Wars 9-Piece Cannabis Set

Comes with Darth Vader Grinder, BB-8 Grinder, unbreakable Stormtrooper pipe, 2 glass stash jars, cleaning pipes, tools, and a water-resistant black mesh case.

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03/08/2021 06:06 am GMT

4. Star Wars Weed Grinder

BB-8 Star Wars Cannabis Grinder With Pollen Catcher

Seal your freshly cut buds or herb inside your new little BB8 grinder and enjoy them anytime, anywhere you like; they will still taste like you’ve just ground them!

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03/08/2021 06:06 am GMT

5. A Star Wars Weed Stash Box

Yoda Cannabis Stash Box Gift Set

Star Wars stash box featuring Yoda saying "Stoned I am" is perfect for storing cannabis and tools safely. It also contains a Yoda grinder, Yoda glass jar, rolling papers, scrapers, and even fun weed gift tags!

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03/07/2021 06:54 pm GMT

6. A Star Wars Dab Mat

Yoda "Stoned I Am" Mouse Pad or Dab Mat

This Star Wars 9"x7.5" non-stick material mouse pad can also be used as a Dab Mat for sticky cannabis concentrates and tools. Perfect addition to the Yoda Stash Box.

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03/08/2021 06:06 am GMT

7. A Star Wars Rolling Tray

Baby Yoda Joint Rolling Tray

This popular Star Wars character from the tv show The Mandalorian is even cuter with weed.

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8. A Star Wars Ashtray

Star Wars Cannabis Ashtray

This Darth Vader shaped ashtray is perfect for both weed smokers and cigarette smokers. It says "Welcome To The Dank Side" inside the tray.

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03/07/2021 06:54 pm GMT

9. A Stoner Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars "Smoke Bowls" T-Shirt

This Star Wars inspired black T-shirt fits men or women and is perfect for the stoner in your life.

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03/07/2021 06:54 pm GMT

10. A Stoner Star Wars Coloring Book

Whether you or the cannabis smoker in your life likes to smoke sativas or indicas, they’ll enjoy filling in coloring books while high. It’s a great way to distract yourself, beat stress, and get in flow state while creating some cool art. This Star Wars Stoner Coloring Book is one of a kind!

Star Wars Stoner Coloring Book

Relieve some stress with this trippy psychedelic coloring book for adults featuring Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters smoking weed.

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Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for the perfect holiday gift or birthday present for the Star Wars fans who smoke weed in your life.

And if you don’t smoke weed, but you are considering buying a cannabis gift for the weed smoking Star Star Wars fan in your life, congrats on having such a cannabis positive attitude. You’re helping fight the stigma, one gift at a time.