What Does It Mean to Be “Cannabis Positive?”

The term “Cannabis Positive” means having positive attitudes about cannabis and feeling comfortable with one’s own cannabis use and with the cannabis use of others.

Cannabis Positive people tend to have the following traits:

  • They consider cannabis to be a healthy part of life that should be enjoyed. For cannabis positive people, cannabis can be discussed without shame or awkwardness. It is not a taboo subject.
  • They are open to learning more about the endocannabinoid system and cannabis use for medical or recreational purposes. They are comfortable exploring cannabis use to enhance music, art, sexual activity, fitness, meditation, and other activities. They are comfortable with all of the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects involved with cannabis use.
  • If they have questions about cannabis, they feel comfortable asking.
  • They understand the importance of responsible cannabis use to protect themselves and others from the potential harms of cannabis smoke. They understand that cannabis can be addictive and make steps to reduce problem use in themselves or others they care about.
  • They acknowledge that not using cannabis is ok and respect a partner’s decision not to use cannabis.
  • They accept others’ cannabis practices, as long as the participants feel safe and in control of their use, without moral judgment. This means accepting cannabis consumption methods that might be different from their own, including use of psychoactive products.
  • They understand the harms of cannabis prohibition on people of color, and support social equity programs to right the wrongs of the past. They also discourage the use of the word “marijuana” due to its roots in racism.

happy group of young people

Cannabis Positive is a cultural philosophy that accepts cannabis as a potentially positive factor in one’s life, and is contrasted with cannabis-negativity, which views cannabis use as problematic and harmful. Use the hashtag #cannabispositive and join the movement.