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  1. 31 Healing Mantras For Patients With Chronic Illness
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  3. 7 Major Uses of Cannabis in Medicine Today

  • Steroids and Arthritis: All You Need To Know

    woman with arthritis holding hands and bowl of white pills

    Ideally, when your body realizes the presence of any bacteria or infection in your body, it usually reacts by inflammation. This is a state where your immune system produces an extra fluid to help fight the bacteria or the infection. As a result, it will reduce redness, heat, and swelling in the affected area. Considering […]


  • 31 Healing Mantras For Patients With Chronic Illness

    pink ring of daisies making peace sign

    Bet you think or used to think that positive affirmations or healing mantras are bullshit. Me too. But let me get vulnerable with you. When I going into the ER three times a week, and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, and I was on high levels of morphine each day to […]


  • Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

    Did you know that one in three Americans suffers from hypertension, also called high blood pressure? Keep reading because you or someone you love likely have this health condition. What is Hypertension? High blood pressure occurs when the heart has to work harder to pump blood out to the body. This contributes to the hardening […]


  • My Surprising Trick For Treating Anxiety

    dr michele noonan ross reveals her trick for beating anxiety

    Anxiety sucks. Whether you’re struggling with stress from work or home, or you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder like 4% of people worldwide, you’re not alone. If only there was a trick for treating anxiety that would make it disappear permanently. I struggled with social anxiety for many years, and chose a career path as […]


  • 7 Major Uses of Cannabis in Medicine Today

    The use of marijuana for various health ailments is increasing rapidly in the US as published by a recent study. People have used marijuana also known as cannabis, to treat health issues for at least 3000 years, as per the National Institutes of Health. Let’s have a look at the benefits of cannabis: 1. Appetite […]


  • Celebrity Big Brother 2’s Ricky Williams Is A Cannabis Advocate

    The cast of the second season of the hit reality tv show Celebrity Big Brother USA was announced on January 13, 2019. The list of celebrities follows: Ricky Williams (41, NFL star, starred on Celebrity Apprentice) Kato Kaelin (59, comedian & reality tv star) Tom Green (47, comedian) Ryan Lochte (34, Olympian swimmer) Joey Lawrence […]


  • Can CBD Boost Fertility In Women?

    Can CBD Boost Fertility In Women

    One of the most common questions I get as a cannabis scientist specializing in women’s health is whether cannabis or CBD boots fertility or hurts your chances of conceiving. There’s A LOT of misinformation out there on the internet, especially because writers without a scientific background are just reading headlines of papers they don’t understand. […]


  • Cannabis For Fibromyalgia: Risks and Benefits

    dr. michele ross neuroscientist with fibromyalgia

    Cannabis for fibromyalgia patients can be life-changing. At least it was for me! As a neuroscientist diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I tried all the traditional treatments, but nothing worked and the side effects were awful. Cannabis and CBD are helpful for fibro patients because they treat some of the root causes of fibromyalgia instead of just […]


  • Exercise Boosts Your Endocannabinoid Levels

    The endocannabinoid system is the largest neurotransmitter system in your body, Your activity level can determine your endocannabinoid levels. Healthy amounts of exercise boost levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide in your body and brain. This will help prevent endocannabinoid deficiency, a condition where your entire body is out of balance and you feel sluggish, moody, […]


  • Arthritis and Cannabis Research Studies

    Arthritis, a painful disease of the joints, can be the result of a medical condition, a physical injury, or aging. Thankfully, cannabis and CBD are being investigated as treatments for arthritis. Below are some of the active clinical trials and published papers on cannabis for the treatment of arthritis. Active Clinical Trials on Arthritis and […]