Our articles review the latest clinical research and cannabis products so you can improve your health and naturally relieve pain, boost mood, and improve sleep. Each of our posts is evidence-based and written or reviewed by Dr. Michele Ross herself.

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  • Why All Cannabis Is Medical Marijuana

    young woman with sunglasses smoking weed with a vaporizer

    But I’m not dying… The distinction between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has made Americans believe there are only two uses for cannabis: getting high or treating a terminal illness like cancer. In states that have legalized medical marijuana, there are huge differences in what medical conditions qualify a patient to obtain a medical card […]


  • Why What You Smoke Out Of Can Impact Your High

    woman about to smoke cannabis out of water pipe

    How does the device you use to smoke marijuana affect your buzz? Given that cannabis users are resourceful, inquisitive folks, it should not be surprising that a lot of people have pondered this question. The answer: no one is exactly sure. There has apparently been only one scientific study on the subject. Though the results […]


  • 5 Benefits of CBD Coffee

    benefits of using hemp you can feel cbd coffee

    There are tremendous health benefits that come from consuming coffee daily. According to the latest research, when you drink coffee every day, it reduces your risk of diabetes, improves heart health, and prevents liver cancer. For these reasons, consuming coffee can be highly beneficial to human health. When you consider the health benefits of coffee […]


  • Can CBD Help Your Teenager With Anxiety?

    Anxiety is a feeling that comes from stress. Any kind of uncertainty, challenges, fears, health issues, or disturbing events can generate anxiety.  At a primary level, anxiety is quite natural as it pushes us to do better in the face of challenging situations. However, when it becomes extreme and haunts a person consistently for a long […]


  • Top 10 Cannabis Accessories for New Users

    New to smoking? Cannabis is more popular than ever, so it’s not surprising that the community is being blessed with so many new faces. Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational smoker, making sense of the many cannabis accessories out there can be quite an undertaking. Don’t be intimidated! Getting familiar with marijuana culture […]


  • 4 Ways CBD Can Transform Your Sex Life For Forever

    couple in bed after cbd product enhanced their sex session

    Has your sex life taken a hit? Are you worried about how you can revive it easily? If the answer to both of the questions is yes, you have reached the right page. The life that people lead today can often leave them both mentally and physically exhausted for anything. Here, sex and love life […]


  • 7 Unexpected Ways CBD Can Make Your Life Better

    Everyone desires to have a peaceful, fulfilling life, but it doesn’t happen all the time. Personal and professional life commitments keep people busy and stressed out, leading to many lifestyle diseases. Sometimes we all get so carried away by the responsibilities that we look for easy ways to make our lives better. One such way […]


  • Is CBD Safe To Take With Xanax?

    cbd oil tincture for anxiety on desk next to orange slice

    Consumers new to cannabis often start with CBD oil because they don’t want the high that typically comes from using marijuana products that are rich in THC. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid people take to help with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and even sleep. Whether it’s from hemp or cannabis, CBD has the […]


  • 6 Major Benefits of CBD Oil For Your Brain and Body

    There’s a lot of negative stigma around CBD oil. It comes from the cannabis plant, so everyone instantly associates it with marijuana and getting “high”. But CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, which means it can’t get you high. It also doesn’t have addictive properties. THC, which also comes from cannabis, is a […]


  • 5 Awesome Vegan Cannabis Edibles To Make At Home

    Edibles are a fun way of ingesting cannabis. Whether due to health concerns like trying to the impact of smoking cannabis on the lungs during the coronavirus pandemic, or simply boredom, more and more people are experimenting with baking cannabis-infused recipes beyond the standard pot brownies.  Cannabis cooking is the latest rage with all sorts […]